The Healing Power of Art

The Healing Power of Art


Join us in Debbie’s UES home to meet two amazing arts professionals who have dedicated themselves to proving the power of visual art in the medical community. Through inspirational presentations and conversation, they will discuss their shared belief that the visual arts have a profound place in the healthcare arena.

Dr. Bobbi Coller is an art historian and independent curator with decades of museum and gallery experience. Dr. Coller, along with her husband Dr. Barry Coller (Physician in Chief at New York's Rockefeller University), have combined their expertise in “The Pulse of Art,” a unique course used to train medical students in “looking” more closely and critically at their patients, thus enhancing their diagnostic skills and doctor-patient relationships.

Diane Brown is the Founder and Executive Director of RxArt, a nonprofit organization that commissions established visual artists to bring beauty, humor and comfort to often sterile, anxiety producing pediatric healthcare facilities across the US and Canada. Tapping into her deep art-world roots that include running her eponymous gallery in Washington, DC and then New York, Brown has accessed such talent as Jeff Koons, Laura Owens, Dan Colen, Jonas Hill, Rob Pruitt and Rashid Johnson to bring color, distraction and joy to patients and their families.