Inspired by the enlightened women's salons of turn-of-the-century Europe, Debbie Edelman and Karen Hauser launched EdelHaus Modern Art Salon, LLC in 2014 to create a forum for like-minded art enthusiasts to view and discuss ideas in modern and contemporary art. With unique events scheduled throughout the year, and attended on an event-by-event basis, the salon explores annual themes in settings that encourage conversation, and deepen awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the New York art world.

This premise has attracted a broad spectrum of art devotees -- and by seeking to recontextualize art conversation from the market place to the broader cultural realm, EdelHaus has attracted the interest of an exciting base of arts professionals, as well. Together, we share the belief that intimate, not intimidating, encounters engender meaningful discourse and authentic experience. Each event is carefully curated along a relevant yearly theme to highlight the best of our environs abundance of museums, galleries, artist studios, collectors, art critics and others, and brings together an inspiring mix of literacy and curiosity.